An invitation for Bread Baking Day #7 – Flatbreads

I see more and more people doing a great job in baking their own bread. Bread baking isn’t boring at all: you can go for a huge variety of flavors, textures and shapes. Please have a look at Eva’s round-up of her theme for bbd #6: shaped breads part one and two.


I am proud to be the host of the 7th edition of Bread Baking Day, a monthly event which was created by zorra. With my theme flatbreads I’m going a little bit back to the roots.

Flatbreads were the first breads (people have been making them for more than 6000 years) and exist in almost every culture. They can be leavened or unleavened. They can be made from every grain, even from legumes such as chickpeas or lentils. For some of them you don’t even have to use an oven for baking, a griddle, a pan or an inversed wok is sufficient.

Think of indian chapati, naan, dosa or paratha, of italian focaccia, ethiopian injeera, swedish knäckebröd, scottish oatcakes, turkish pide, mexican tortilla, jewish matzo, armenian lavash, south tyrolean Vinschger Paarlen… this list could go on and on. As there are so many pure flatbreads I would like you to exclude rich ones like pizza and related baked goods.

I  would love you to participate and join flatbread baking day. All you have to do is bake a flatbread of your choice, take a photo and blog about it between now and March 1st. Please include a link to this announcement. Inform me on your entry by sending an email to Chili(dot)und(dot)Ciabatta(at)gmail(dot)com including

  • your name 
  • your blog’s name and your blog’s URL
  • the recipe name and the post’s URL
  • your location
  • for non-English posts, the language it is in (I prefer entries in english, german or french)
  • please attach a photo of your bread (200 pixel in width)

The round-up will be online shortly after March 1st. Happy baking!

19 Antworten auf „An invitation for Bread Baking Day #7 – Flatbreads“

  1. Gerade die richtige Gelegenheit, um noch einmal eine Foccacia zu probieren (mein erster Versuch ging irgendwie daneben)…oder doch lieber ein Vinschgauerl..;-)

  2. Hallo @all,
    I’m very excited to see the first entries coming in!
    Hallo lamiacucina,
    es würde mich natürlich besonders freuen, wenn das Thema dich zum Mitmachen (und zum ersten Brot) bringen würde 🙂

  3. Great theme! I’ve decided that 2008 is going to be my bread-baking year (I’m trying to learn how, so that I’m not intimidated by the process!). My oven broke this month and has yet to be fixed, so a grill-baked flatbread is the perfect solution to keep me working toward my goal.

  4. Bread Baking Day #7: Cranberry oatcakes

    Petra from Chili Ciabatta chose flatbreads as theme for the 7th Bread Baking Day. Among others she was thinking of oatcakes. I have to admit, I wouldn’t have thought about oatcakes as a flatbread. But it’s never to late to learn, there are two ki…

  5. bbd #7: Georgian Cheese-Filled Quick Bread

    I have to admit: Though I’m the host of bread baking day #7 (deadline March 1st, that is tomorrow!) I was not quite sure which flatbread I would bake until this morning. A little bit late, isn’t it? But don’t

  6. bbd #7 Flatbreads – The Round-Up

    I’m really happy! Peeking in my mailbox I found 47 flatbread entries for bread baking day #7. I had to pick up some of them from the spam folder – so if I missed something please tell me and I

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