EBBP #5 – a parcel from England

When I came back from shopping this morning my husband lead me to the table where a nice red parcel was waiting for me.

Paket EBBP #5

"Royal Mail" – this could be my EBBP parcel… And yes 🙂 it comes from Xochitl Cooks. Perhaps you don’t know what "EBBP" means? EBBP #5, is the "Euro Blogging By Post" round 5 and it is hosted by Jeanne from Cook Sister who chose the theme "The Taste of Summer".

So now let’s have a look at what is Xochitl’s choice for summer:

  • Rice paper wrappers and rice vermicelli for summer rolls
  • spice rub for BBQ chicken (to be tried soon!)
  • Sesam Snaps for a sweet end of the meal
  • Oolong tea along with her recipe for citrus ice tea
  • Wasabi Peas, which I wanted to try since I read this 🙂
  • and a nice letter (wow! written on special paper as you can admire above) and some recipes

So it’s all about asian food which I adore!

Thanks a lot to Xochitl for the gifts and to Jeanne for organising, it was a pleasure to take part! If you are curious: here you can track the other parcels.

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  1. Hi Petra
    Wow – that looks gorgeous! I love sesame snaps… I think you might have to host an Asian summer BBQ soon 😉 Glad you enjoyed EBBP – thanks for joining in!

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