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Some time ago Meeta invited me to  join the "Blogger Postcards from the World" – what a great idea!

Postcard Tuebingen

This is a postcard of Tübingen, the town where I was born. It is a nice and lively university town (even if it doesn’t look like that here…) near Stuttgart in the south of Germany. It shows some of the old houses at the river Neckar, the so called "Neckarfront"

Now the postcard is on its way….

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  1. Danke Petra. Schön das du teil genommen hast! I am glad that you did. I lived in BW – Freiburg for the first four years here. I love the area as it really is wonderful.

  2. My postcard has arrived!

    Wow, look at that – what a beautiful landscape: This lovely postcard is coming from Linda out of the garden. When I’m reading her entry right there is another postcard on it’s way? That would be a great surprise! She

  3. hello, I received your postcard yesterday! YAY! It was such a great surprise in the morning to find that I had a postcard all the way from Germany. The photo is so beautiful.
    I will be posting about it in the next day or so.
    Again, thank you!

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