A Foodbloggers Meme around the World

Some days ago I was tagged by Ralph to answer the following questions:

1. Please list three recipes you have recently bookmarked from foodblogs to try

2. A foodblog in your vicinity

hm, vicinity…
As far as I know the next food bloggers are Nicky and Oliver from delicious:days and Sebastian from Rettet-das-Mittagessen in Munich – about 2 hours away from here (here means the Bavarian Forest, near the Czech border). Anyone else? Please stand up and say hello!

3. A foodblog located far from you

Kafka na Praia in Sao Paulo. Karen writes in portuguese and english. As we are planning another trip to South America this summer I’m interested in brazilian cookery (and of course in the food of Uruguay, Argentine and Chile, the countries we are probably going to visit).

4. A foodblog (or several) you have discovered recently (where did you find it?)

I’m stumbling upon new foodblogs almost every day 😉 Unfortunately I haven’t enough time to read them all. Today I found foodbeam via  Andrew’s EBBP round-up. Very nice photos!

5. Any people or bloggers you want to tag with this meme?

To keep this meme international I’d like to tag dilek’ce (normally blogging turkish and german) in Switzerland and tschörda in Austria.

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