Creamy Rice Terrine with Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote

My contribution to the IMBB 4th edition: Around the world in a bowl of rice

When I was a child, one of the few dishes I absolutely disliked
was sweet milk rice. Even the smell of it seemed to make me sick. Funny
enough, my children and my husband adore "Milchreis mit Zimtzucker"
(milk rice with sugar and cinnamon), from time to time I cooked it for
them but never joined them eating it.

Years later I gave the dish a new try. I had some guests for an
asia-style dinner and wanted to make something sweet for dessert, so I
offered sticky rice in coconut milk besides some nice fruits. I really
love coconut milk, so I tried the rice and – surprise, surprise – it
didn’t taste bad at all 🙂 Now the world of sweet rice desserts was
open for me 😉

The recipe I want to present to you has its origin in a book by
Roberto Galizzi: "Ticino in Cucina" (presenting a new view of the
cuisine of the swiss canton of Tessin): "Savarin di riso su lamponi"

Whereas the original recipe comes with fresh raspberries and a
puree of raspberries, sugar, white wine and "Himbeergeist" (Fruit
spirit made with raspberries) and also uses Himbeergeist in the rice
terrine, I decided to make a compote with fruits of the saison, using
rhubarb and strawberries with a little exotic touch by adding lime,
star anise and ginger. I think this fresh, tartish compote matches
perfectly with the creamy consistence of the terrine to which the rice
grains add a special kind of texture.

It’s best to make the compote fresh, otherwise the strawberries will lose their nice colour.


100 gram Arborio rice
500 ml milk
1 vanilla pod
1 pinch salt
5 leaves gelatine
100 gram sugar
300 ml cream

100 gram sugar
250 gram rhubarb, cut into 2.5 cm (1 inch) pieces
75 ml water
1 lime: Juice and grated peel
1 Teel. Ginger; freshly grated
1 star anise
250 gram strawberries
sugar; as required

whole strawberries with hull
confectioners‘ sugar

Bring water to a boil and cook rice for 5 minutes, then strain rice through a sieve.

Cut the vanilla pod open and scrape out the tiny seeds with a pointed knife.

Soak leaf gelatine in cold water.

Combine milk, vanilla pod, seeds and salt and bring to a boil.
Add the precooked rice and let simmer for about 25 minutes until rice
is tender. Remove from the heat and discard the vanilla pod (or let dry
and use for vanilla sugar). Add sugar and the drained gelatine, stir
until dissolved. Let cool.

When the rice mixture starts to stiffen fold in the whipped cream.

Place plastic wrap in a terrine pan (1 litre) or loaf pan coming up over the sides.

Scrape the rice mixture into the prepared terrine pan. Smooth
the top with the rubber spatula. Tap the pan on the counter to
eliminate any air bubbles. Cover the top of the terrine with the
plastic wrap overhang. Refrigerate overnight until set.

To prepare the compote place the sugar in a medium-sized, heavy
bottomed saucepan. Place the pot over medium heat and melt the sugar
until golden brown. Carefully add the water (attention! May splatter!),
then the rubarb, lime juice, lime peel, star anise, and the grated
ginger. Cook until the rhubarb is almost tender. Stir in the quartered
strawberries and let cool.

To unmold the terrine unfold the plastic wrap from the top of
the chilled terrine, and use it to lift the terrine out of the loaf
pan. Invert the terrine onto a plate. Slice the terrine with a hot, dry
knife into even slices.

Place a slice of the rice terrine onto a dessert plate and
surround it with some of the compote. Garnish each with a sliced
strawberry and sprinkle lightly with confectioners‘ sugar.

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